Utilizing Natural Lighting

One way businesses can cut their energy costs is by utilizing natural lighting in their building. Using natural light in place of artificial light in buildings can also prove beneficial for employees.

For a majority of buildings incorporating daylighting, their overall energy savings ranges from 15 to 40 percent. This can be a big motivating factor when opting for daylighting over artificial lighting. Cuttings costs can mean a higher profit for companies.

The other reason businesses decide to make the switch, is for their employees’ benefit. Many studies suggest natural light impacts general well-being, productivity and satisfaction. This doesn’t just impact office workers. Natural lighting is beneficial for students, clients and even retail customers as well.

Workers who are exposed to natural lighting, especially in the morning, tend to sleep better, be more active, and have an overall better quality of life. Light acts as a synchronizing agent in a person’s brain and body. It helps with internal biological rhythms, which is why people tend to be more alert and productive at work.

Try incorporating natural lighting instead of relying on artificial lighting and see the difference it can make. Visit Eco Electric’s webpage for more ideas on how to lower energy bills.