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Aluminum Wiring Problems

For homeowners with homes built between the mid 1960’s and late 1970’s, aluminum wiring is a concern. It’s not the wiring in particular, but the electrical problems it can cause when it is connected to light switches and other items.

Having aluminum wiring that is attached to receptacles increases the risk of a fire. But there are ways to reduce or eliminate the risk of this happening.

One of the more common solutions is doing pigtail repair. It involves attaching copper wire to the aluminum wire. It is relatively inexpensive, but requires special knowledge of the process and materials. It’s best to contact an electrician and have them execute the repair.

Retrofitting the connections is another alternative. Standard electrical outlets and light switches aren’t compatible with aluminum wiring, therefore replacement devices and connectors are used to fix this problem. It is also relatively inexpensive and easy.

Lastly, the most drastic solution is rewiring the house. This usually only makes sense if homeowners are renovating the home. It’s usually pretty expensive and can take some time.

If homeowners discover aluminum wiring in their home, or are worried it might be present, give Eco Electric a call. They can help fix the issues associated with aluminum wiring and give homeowners some peace of mind.