Electrical Services Specialties

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

 Emergency service calls

 Installation of new equipment. Everything from adding a new outlet, to ceiling fans, to hot tubs and everything in between. If it’s any sort of electrical service, we can do it.

 Troubleshooting and repair.

♦ Green Electric Services

 Underground wiring problems.

 Exterior upgrades such as landscape lighting, water features, and outbuildings.

 Security lighting.

Plus… we can help you with;



 Ballast retrofit and replacements.

 Breaker Panel Replacement and upgrades.

 New circuits.

 Electrical safety inspections.

 Preventative maintenance evaluations.

 Design and install lighting configurations.

 Whether you are looking for task lighting for your counter tops or you would like to illuminate a painting or portrait, we can help you configure a lighting solution.