September 10, 2015 Newsletter



September 10, 2015 Eco Electric Newsletter


Lighting a Storage Shed

Make finding things in a storage shed easier by running power to it. Trying to hold a flashlight and dig through stacks of boxes isn’t ideal. Running power outside to the shed makes it possible to install outdoor lighting and illuminate the space in the shed.

Storage sheds can be used for a variety of functions, but as soon as the sun goes down, they can be more difficult to use. Whether it’s being used as a workspace, or just to store unused items, light is necessary to see what’s going on.

Although many claim the process of running power outside is a simple enough task to DIY, it’s not quite that simple. It requires a lot of digging, drilling, wires and a lot of electrical knowledge.

Working with electricity is always risky. Calling a professional electrician can help avoid injuries or damaged electrical lines. Eco Electric can run electricity outside for a variety of projects, and install lighting in any outbuildings.


Lightbulbs Burning Out Quickly?

Replacing lightbulbs can be a hassle, especially if they seem to be burning out faster than they should. There are a few things that could be causing them to burn out at a faster than normal rate.

  • Improperly Connected

Screwing the lightbulb in too tightly could actually cause this to happen. It ruins the fixture-to-bulb connection, making it necessary to replace the fixture. Using cheaper lightbulbs can also ruin the connection.

  • Vibrating Fixtures

This is often a problem in ceiling fans that include lights. The excessive vibration and movement from the fan blade cause the light to burn out more quickly. Try using a rough service bulb. They can handle the vibration better than a regular lightbulb.

  • Too Hot

Using the wrong lightbulb in a fixture can cause it to create excessive heat and burn out. Also, in some covered recessed fixtures, overheating can occur because the lightbulb isn’t getting proper ventilation.

  • High Voltage

If the problem isn’t with just one fixture, but multiple, there could be too much electricity entering the home. This only affects lightbulbs, not appliances, but it can seriously shorten a lightbulb’s life span.

  • Poorly Installed Wiring

Improperly installed fixtures or wiring could also be causing the bulbs to burn out too fast. Check to make sure the wires are tight and properly connected.

If the lightbulbs keep burning out, give Eco Electric a call. They can check electrical components around the home to figure out where the cause of the electrical problem.


Shocking Light Switches

Getting shocked when flipping light switches? Don’t just dismiss it as built-up static electricity. It could be a more serious problem.

Ungrounded Circuits

This is common in older homes that have yet to be updated. These houses are wired with two-strand electrical cables. Failures of the wire insulation can create a “shocking” situation for anyone who turns on a light switch. One easy approach to fixing this problem is to constantly wear rubber-soled shoes. If you aren’t sure you can get your family and guests to comply then a better fix is to upgrade the wiring!

Ground Faults

Accidentally touching exposed wires or metal in contact with ground faults can cause a person to be shocked as well. This can happen when using an appliance with poor insulation or a loose connection. Installing ground fault interrupting outlets can help prevent this from happening.

Frequent shocks can be a sign that something isn’t right. Homeowners experiencing this should call Eco Electric as soon as possible. If these problems are left unattended, they could cause a fire or injure someone.


Power Conditioners

Many people aren’t aware of the benefits that come from bringing a power conditioner into the home. Their basic function is to clean and filter electricity coming in protecting sensitive electrical equipment.

AC power conditioners provide clean AC power. They usually have 10 or more outlets and provide surge protection. This stops spikes in electricity that can lead to blackouts during storms or power line malfunctions.

While protecting electrical devices, power conditioners also help things run more efficiently. This can help lower the power bill depending on how power is consumed in the home.

Visit Eco Electric’s website for more information on power conditioners. This is just one way Eco Electric helps homeowners reduce their energy bills.


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