Save Energy and Save Money

All light bulbs have been changed to energy efficient bulbs, the thermostat is turned down, and water is used wisely, or cold water is used instead. All of these changes have been done in hopes of lowering the energy bill, but sadly the monthly bill is still too high. Don’t panic! There may be more you can do to save money on the utility bills. Completing an energy audit on your home will allow homeowners to see where and when the most energy is being used. Energy audits can also provide information that shows you where energy is lost and where there is the potential for energy to be saved. Energy audits can be done through the DIY route, but it’s more advisable to have a professional complete the audit. A professional will be able to inform homeowners of where the energy leak is happening and how it can be fixed.

Besides a home energy audit often saves homeowners money. Issues with electrical work can also be identified. Often energy and money are drained because of electrical problems. When a home energy audit is done by a professional, a home gets a checkup, just like a doctor’s visit. A professional auditor will be able to detect leaks, check out the insulation, furnace and ductwork, and can use an infrared camera to do a blower door test. Professionals will also look over past utility bills to examine usage amounts and financial costs.

Before the audit is started, homeowners should make a list of current problems they have already identified and copies of older utility bills should be made available for the auditor. During the audit the auditor will ask many questions to help find simple ways to reduce energy use. Questions can include; daily usage routines, room usage, and the number of residents.

Finding an energy auditor is easy! Most power companies can point customers in the correct direction to find one. Simple home energy audits can be done by yourself as well. EcoElectric specializes in helping residents of Boise and the rest of the Treasure Valley save money on their electric bill by providing green energy options. With any questions on how to save money on your electrical bill, contact EcoElectric today! Our staff specializes in residential and commercial electrical work as well as green services. Our staff wants to save you some green by going green!