October 15th, 2014 Newsletter



Custom Lighting

Over time homes need updated and remodeled. As the years go by, styles and personal taste change. One way to add change and revamp a home is to install custom lighting fixtures. Many houses come with standard light fixtures which tend to be neutral and often are pretty boring. Custom lighting is a very simple change which can revamp a whole house! There are endless choices of light fixtures to choose from making this a great solution. Some of the common types of custom lighting are:

  • Recessed Lighting: These light fixtures are unique because they are sunken in to the wall or ceiling where they are installed. This type of lighting is great for adding highlights or accents to a certain feature. Also perfect for small areas like a restroom or a hallway.
  • Surface Mounted Lighting: This is the most common type of lighting, many homes are already equipped with surface mounted lighting. This type of custom lighting allows the most options for decorative styles, forms, and technology.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Many outdoor lighting fixtures are designed off of existing indoor features, then created specifically for outdoor use. Outdoor fixtures are built to withstand the seasons and avoid water damage.

Custom lighting may seem like an easy DIY but it is best to always consult an experienced electrician to avoid damage and injury. EcoElectric employs certified electricians who are willing and ready to help you add custom lighting into your home and offer eco-friendly electric options. Call us today if you’re ready for a change in your home!

All about Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are a popular electrical convenience in many homes all across the country. Many people enjoy dimmer switches because of their simple style and energy-friendly power saving option. Besides saving homeowners money on their electrical bills, dimmer switches have many other benefits.

  • Dimmer switches are inexpensive to install and over time will save even more money on the monthly power bill.
  • Dimmer switches are mood setting. They allow for a difference ambiances depending on the room or setting.
  • Dimmer switches are easy to install. Homeowners can install them or electricians can come install them.

Before attempting to install a dimmer switch without the help from a professional, there are a few things to know:

  • Before installation, the wattage limits need to be checked on all switches to prevent overheating or overloading the circuits.
  • It’s important to make sure there are no other dimmers connected to the same circuit. Too many dimmers can cause overloading.
  • Fluorescent bulbs are not meant to be used with dimmers. These bulbs will not work with dimmer switches.
  • Older styles of dimmer switchers may interfere with audio equipment in a home. The interference will create a humming noise.

A professional electrician from EcoElectric will make sure all of these safety precautions have been addressed before installing dimmer switches. We’re ready to help you make the switch to eco-friendly electricity, even if it is in the smallest step. Contact us today to set up and appointment and learn more about eco-friendly electricity options!

Never Go Without Power

Losing power is never a fun experience for anyone involved. Most people do not realize how much they rely on power throughout the day. Fortunately, electricity has come a long way over the past years. Now it’s possible to not go without power even when the power is out. Generators are the answer during a power outage.

Although gas powered generators are common and reliable in times of a power outage they also have disadvantages. Gas powered generators cannot be placed inside a home due to the fumes the gas will give off. Some home owners associations also have bands on generators being outdoors making a gas powered generator difficult if not impossible to use. The same challenge goes for those who live in apartments or condos. No need to worry, there is another solution!

An indoor generator is beneficial for many reasons. This generator was built specifically for indoor use and uses rechargeable batteries. Just ensure they are kept fully charged and ready for times when the power goes out. Here are a few other benefits to indoor generators:

  • Gas free means no fumes to cause worry
  • Custom made and easy to store
  • Available in many different sizes and colors
  • Eco-friendly – safe to use in your home, around children, family, and pets

Eco-friendly electricity is always a great route to choose. We specialize in eco-friendly electricity as well as all other electrical problems. Contact us today and start the eco-friendly switch!

Digital Timers in the Home

Saving money is always popular. A few pennies here and a quarter there doesn’t seem like much but over time those pennies and dimes add up. One area where everyone is looking to save money is on the electrical bill. Turning lights off while not in use, changing to efficient light bulbs, and running appliances during non-peak hours will save homeowners money, but there is something else homeowners can do to save money.

In the world of automation and technological advances, many things within a home have become automated and now the lights in a home can be automated too. One of the best ways to save money on the electrical bill is to put your lights on a timer.

Timers are useful for many reasons. First of all, they are convenient. Lights can be turned on or off even when no one is home. This can make it appear as though someone is home, providing a safer home. Tired of stumbling around in the dark trying to find a light switch? Lights can be set to turn on right before someone arrives homes or perhaps a hall or bathroom light to come on when the alarm clock goes off in those early morning hours.

There are two common types of timers; a mechanical version and a digital version. Digital timers are the most common and can also be used to make other parts of a home automated. Although less common, the mechanical versions are often used to control a swimming pool or outdoor lighting. Mechanical timers can also be attached to a water heater to help control the usage of hot water.

The electricians at EcoElectric can help you install timers for whatever you would like to automate. Give EcoElectric a call today!

Additional Outlets for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is very useful for back yards, walk ways, pools, fire places and holiday lighting. Unfortunately, most homes and businesses simply do not have enough power sources for the outdoor lighting options they would like to utilize. Installation for an outdoor outlet should be done by a professional electrician to ensure safety and adherence to proper electrical codes. After all, no one wants their holiday lights to cause an electrical fire. So as the longer nights of winter approach, let EcoElectric install the outdoor lighting necessary to keep your home looking bright and beautiful!


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