November 18, 2014 Newsletter




Programmable Thermostats: Technology and You

Managing the temperature at your home can be hard; the average household changes their thermostat temperature at least two times a day. But with new technology in programmable thermostats, regulating the temperature in your home is easier than ever. With products like the Nest Learning thermostat, you can manage your home on the go from any mobile device, and it can even be managed by multiple users. Its smart features, make it perfect for the everyday user and for those with varying schedules. Problems remembering to turn down the thermostat when you leave? The Nest, solves this problem by sensing when you are a certain distance from your home based upon GPS, and automatically adjusting you’re your preset “away” temperature. No more walking into a cold house either as these new thermostats can also adjust automatically prior to your return. With the learning capability of programmable thermostat, many people are saving an average of 20% off electric bills just by switching from a standard thermostat. The professional electricians at EcoElectric would be happy to help you start saving on your energy bills by installing one of these new programmable thermostats. Contact EcoElectric to schedule your install.


Alternate Energy Sources: Pedal Power

There are many alternate energy sources that we are familiar with such as hydro power, wind turbines and solar power. But there is one lesser-known eco-friendly power source, pedal power. Using wiring, a crank system (typically a bike pedal system), a generator, and a few other necessary supplies, a pedal power system can be put into your home as a way to reduce your carbon footprint. Other modes of alternative energy, can have limiting factors. For example, if there is no wind, there can in-turn be varying levels of power due to the weather conditions that change throughout the day.

Unlike other alternative energies, pedal power is solely based off of man power. Instead of going to the gym for a 45 minute cardio bike ride, you can turn that time into power which can thus be transferred to the electrical devices throughout your home. Not only do you get a good workout in, but you save money off of your electricity bill; which can alternatively come back to you as a power credit. Pedal power comes at the cost of a little sweat, but reaps a huge reward.


Solar Power: Charging Your Electronics

Solar power chargers, like many new ideas, were always something that seemed futuristic and out-of-reach, but are now tools that are easily switching out a normal electrical source. No more fighting with teenagers for the car charger or waiting in line for the outlet at the airport. These solar power chargers can go with you anywhere; harnessing the power of the natural sunlight or the built-in internal battery. Perfect for travel or everyday use they provide power wherever and whenever you want to go.


Enjoying the new hot tub:

Winter has finally hit, and the snow is upon us. Planning a new hot tub for the family this Christmas? Don’t be caught off guard. Although many people believe they can simply be plugged in and will be ready to go in a few hours, there is more to the process.

Unlike many home electrical devices, hot tubs are technical installations which require a good licensed electrical contractor. Consideration must be given to safety around water, glass and electricity. Various electrical codes must be adhered to such as the volt and amp requirements for the outlet, GFCI protection requirements and distances from windows and other electrical outlets. With the help of a certified electrician from Eco Electric, we can help to make every step of the process easy. Contact us now to schedule your electrical install so when your spa is delivered it can simply be plugged in and ready to go!


Winter Fun Fact: The coldest temperature recorded in history was how many degrees Celsius? And where?

Answer: -128° C in Antarctica in 1983


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