May 6, 2015 Newsletter



May 6, 2015 EcoElectric Newsletter


Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a luxury that not only help with relaxation, they come with many health benefits. They could also increase home value in the right area. One of Eco Electric’s service offerings is hot tub installation. So for those thinking about getting one, here are a few reasons to go ahead and do it.

Health Benefits:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Helps sore muscles
  • Reduces strain on joints and muscles
  • Helps with more restful sleep

Many people desire to own a hot tub, but that doesn’t mean it will always increase the value of a home. It depends on the type of hot tub installed and the location of the home.

Portable hot tubs generally don’t add value because they are considered personal property since they can be taken with the owner. However, if one of these hot tubs is built-in, it may add value to the home. A hot-tub is considered built-in when removing it will mean extra work to fill in a hole it has left in the patio, deck or other fixture.

In areas like Idaho that experience all four seasons, hot tubs are likely to get more use. When it is colder, hot tubs can offer a nice place to get warm while relaxing. For obvious reasons, people in warmer climates won’t appreciate hot tubs as much and generally prefer pools.

Hot tubs generally get a lot of use here in Idaho with our cool evenings even in the summer. Keep in mind though most hot tubs require specific electrical outlets to operate. Eco Electric would love to help install the proper electrical outlet needed for hot tubs, just give them a call.

Electrical Safety During Storms

When summer storms hit, they can bring power outages with them. When this happens, it is best to contact the utility company to let them know and to get an idea of how long the power will be down. While they are working on the problem, it is important to follow precautions to stay safe.

Often with power outages during severe, the cause is a downed power line. However, the line may still be dangerous and it is recommended to stay far away from them. This is especially important for those who are traveling and come across a downed power line.

Here are a few additional safety tips:

  • Do not enter the basement with electrical outlets under water.
  • Do not attempt to turn off the power if it is necessary to stand in water to do it.
  • Don’t use electronics that have been damaged by water.
  • Items with electric motors should be cleaned and reconditioned before they are used.

Power surges that result from power outages can damage electronics. To prevent this, it is best to turn off electrical appliances and unplug electronics during a storm or power outage. Those affected by a power outage should leave one lamp or light on to let them know the power has been restored. When it has, they can turn on and plug in appliances and electronics one at a time.

Dealing with Electrical Overloads

With too many appliances and electronics, sometimes the power they require can exceed the capacity of the electrical wiring, causing an overload.

In the main panel of the electrical system, there are circuit breakers. Their function is to limit the power to what the wiring system can handle. When an electrical overload occurs, usually a circuit break trips open. These circuit breaks are usually labeled, allowing the homeowner to flip it back to the right position and restoring power.

However, if this becomes a constant issue, some devices should be shifted from the overloaded circuit to another circuit. Messing around with electrical circuits and wiring can be dangerous and is best left to a professional electrician like those at Eco Electric.

In older houses, electrical overloads can be a common issue if the wiring hasn’t been updated. The best thing to do in this case is get ahold of an electrician so they can assess what needs to be done. Often new circuits will be needed as well as a breaker panel replacement or upgrade.

If electrical overloads have become frequent, contact Eco Electric. They can help fix the issue and keep the lights on.

Using Colored Lights

Just as the wall color of a room can affect the mood, so can the lighting. Standard shape light bulbs come in many different colors besides the usual clear, white and black-light blue. They can be a great way to change the atmosphere of a room on a whim.

Using colored bulbs can set the tone for any event or party being hosted. Use blue for a calming effect when having a spa day. Or try using a color from a sports team during a game to make it more festive. For karaoke at a kid’s birthday party, use colored lighting to create a stage. There are a ton of fun ideas for incorporating colored light bulbs indoors.

Take the color outside with outdoor lightbulb to enhance features like swimming pools and fountains. Colored string lights are also an option to decorate the patio in the summer time. When using colored lights, or any lights outdoors, make sure they are labeled as water-proof or made for the outdoors.

Holidays, sports games, and almost any event can be made more festive with some colored lighting. They aren’t just for Christmas decoration anymore.


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