May 19, 2015 Newsletter



May 19, 2015 Eco Electric Newsletter


Dealing with Dead Outlets

Nothing is more frustrating than plugging something into and outlet and it doesn’t work. Don’t always assume the worst if an outlet goes dead. Sometimes the fix can be easy or sometimes an electrician is needed. Homeowners can do a little troubleshooting on their own first to find the problem if they are up for it.

They should first check to see if any other outlets are dead. If they are, mark them and unplug appliances or electronics from them. Then homeowners should take a look at the circuit breakers to see if one has been tripped. Sometimes a tripped circuit breaker doesn’t look any different from the rest. In that case, switch them all over to the off position and then flip them back to on.

Tripped breakers are often the problem and are an easy solution. It is caused by a temporary overload on the circuit or when a device plugged in short-circuits. If flipping the circuit breaks doesn’t work, the problem may be more difficult to deal with and is best left to an electrician, like those at Eco Electric.

While Eco Electric is fixing those outlets and circuits, take the opportunity to get the outlets upgraded. They can help install new outlets that have USB capabilities. With these it’s possible to charge any device that uses a USB cable without taking up a plug-in that is being used for something important that shouldn’t be unplugged.

For problems with outlets or any other electrical issues, contact the professional electricians at Eco Electric. They have experience with electrical projects of all different sizes.


Cleaning Up Broken CFLs

Broken lightbulbs can be frustrating but if that lightbulb was a Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb (CFL) careful clean-up is required. Since these bulbs have mercury vapor in them, cleaning them up requires special care to avoid spreading the vapor.

The materials needed for cleaning up a CFL are stiff paper or cardboard, tape, damp paper towels, and a glass jar with a metal lid or sealable plastic bag.

Before cleaning it up, everyone should be cleared from the room, including pets. Open windows and doors to air out the room and turn off central forced air heating or air conditioning.

Use the stiff paper or cardboard to scoop up pieces of glass and visible powder from the floor. Then use tape to pick up what remains. After it is all picked up, put the cleaning materials into the sealable container.

On a hard surface such as a countertop or tile floor, after picking up the pieces, use a damp cloth or disposable wipe to clean the area. This too should be put into the sealable container. All sealable containers used in clean-up should be taken out of the home when done, especially plastic bags because they won’t prevent the mercury vapor from escaping.

It is recommended to avoid vacuuming if at all possible because this could spread the powder or vapor. After getting everything cleaned and disposed of properly, continue to air out the room and leave the HVAC system off for several hours.

Some areas require CFLs to be taken to a recycle center, so it is best to check the requirements in the area before disposing of the container completely.


LED Facts

LEDs have many benefits, but often get overlooked when choosing lighting. Eco Electric recommends looking into LEDs because they reduce energy consumption and last longer than traditional lightbulbs. Here are some facts about LEDs that electricians want consumers to know:

1. Easy to fit

LED fixtures are easy to install and operate. Often, the new LED bulbs are retrofit and will pop into any traditional fixture.

2. Lots of choices

There are LEDs for every lighting need. They come in different color temperatures and brightness suitable for many lighting situations.

3. Better than CFLS

CFLS are very popular because they were better than other lightbulbs that came before. Now, LEDS are the newest technology with more benefits.

Don’t hesitate, switch to LEDs. They might be a little more expensive, but they will make up for it in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Home Remodels and Electricity

One thing homeowners might forget they need an electrician for is a kitchen remodel. Strategically placing outlets for the most effective use of space is beneficial. For help with this, contact Eco Electric. It’s just one of the many electrical services they provide.

Kitchens have their own electrical requirements which some homeowners might not be familiar with. Electricians are knowledgeable about these requirements and can make sure everything is up to code.

When deciding how to place outlets during a remodel, homeowners should think about where their fixed appliances are at. This includes the fridge, stove and more. These require dedicated circuits.

For the portable appliances, homeowners should create a layout detailing where they plan to use these appliances. Some might stay on the countertop because they get used frequently and homeowners should consider putting outlets near where they sit.

Along with outlet placement, they should consider lighting. Task lighting can be more useful in the kitchen than overhead lighting when cooking. Also, mapping out where to put light switches so they are easily accessible.

For those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and may want to install a television or sound system, Eco Electric can help install a circuit and outlet for it. Contact Eco Electric for help with installing lighting and outlets.


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