How Lighting Affects Health

Lighting doesn’t just affect the way a room looks and feels. It also affects people’s moods and happiness levels. Natural light affects many things including the immune system, circadian rhythms, sleep habits and more. This goes to show the type of lighting put in a home, can have a huge impact. Here’s how the different lights affect health:

Natural Light

Natural light is best for the body. It can help create Vitamin D and promote deeper, well-rested sleep. The more natural light people are exposed to, the better. Taking advantage of natural lighting is also good for the energy bill. By depending less on artificial light during the day, bodies and wallets alike will benefit.

Blue Light

This type of light is unnatural and can negatively affect the body. It messes up sleep patterns, as well as the production of Melatonin and Cortisol. This type of light is found in devices like cellphones, televisions, and digital clocks. Using these in the bedroom before bed can create poor sleep quality.


There have been more studies put out recently that CFLs are very bad for people’s health. They also have a harmful effect on skin.

Warm Lights

For the home, warm lighting that emits red, orange and yellow are the best options. These colors mimic the color of fire, which is what people used to function outdoors after dark. By using these lights, when it gets dark enough to turn them on, they will signal that it’s time to wind down before bed.

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