Green Services

Home Evaluations: We can perform a home evaluation and give you a multitude of energy conserving solutions to help you save money. The money you spend on home upgrades is an investment in your most valuable asset. Let us show you how to save money by conserving energy!

Disposal of Old Florescent Lights and CFL’s: Did you know florescent lights and Compact florescent lights have mercury vapor in them? If they aren’t disposed of properly and end up in the landfill, the mercury can seep into the water table. That affects everyone and generations to come.

Retrofit Old Florescent Lighting With New Ballasts and Lamps: We can change out your existing, inefficient ballast and lamps in your florescent lighting. Often times you will get more visible light with a mere fraction of power consumption.

Dimmer Installations: Installing dimmers not only allow you to set some mood lighting for different lighting look, but they also will increase the life of your light bulbs and use less power. Installing specific dimmer in each room can cut your lighting bill by a minimum of 20%. Specific dimmers only allow 80% of the power usually consumed by your lights. The best part is that you can’t tell a difference! Studies have shown that the human eye cannot distinguish the difference between 100% power and 80% power on a standard light.

Solar Power Installation: One of the increasingly popular ideas that our customers are looking into is solar power installation. You can have an on grid system, off grid system or a hybrid system. Combined with State and Federal tax incentives, it is becoming more and more of a cost effective electric solution. We can custom design a system to meet your need. The days of having to keep an array of multiple batteries to hold a charge are over and the process can be a lot more simple and easy. Whether you are interested in supplementing your power needs or going completely off the grid with solar power installation, we have multiple options available for you. Couple this with state and federal tax incentives, this is a increasingly viable option for our customers as there is no shortage of solar power’s benefits.

Power Conditioners: There is a new option that can be installed at your panel that will immediately decrease your power bill: Power conditioners. These devices even out the sine wave and help anything that has a motor to run more efficiently. Typical savings from the simple install of this device range from 15% to 25% depending on how your power is consumed in your house.

Powered Attic Ventilation: Did you know that in the heat of the summer, your attic area can reach temperatures in excess of 140 Degrees? If you have a 2 story house or an upstairs bonus room, it’s easy to tell the upstairs temperature from the downstairs. If it’s 140 degrees in the attic on a summer day and you have heating/cooling ducts running through the attic, they are exposed to that heat as well. Your air conditioner works hard to cool the air only to get it pumped to the attic where it gets warmed right back up. Even if you don’t have heat ducts in your attic, that hot air sits on top of your house, just sitting there stagnant heating up the entire house.

Whole House Fans: If you want to take advantage of the cool summer nights that we have in Idaho, a whole house fan is a great way to go. These are similar to powered attic ventilation with added bonuses. These work by pulling the cool outside night air into your home and exhausting the hot air in your attic, out. No more air conditioner running late into the night. Your house gets cooled off to the same as the outside temperature and your air conditioner won’t even run for the most of the day.

Programmable Thermostats: Ever wonder why you heat or cool your house for 8 or more hours a day when no one is home? With programmable thermostats, you can program your furnace or air conditioner to come on before people get home and it will get your house up to your desired temperature and you won’t even know the difference.

Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are a great way to be able to make a room feel cooler than it actually is. Air movement will dramatically affect how warm or cool a room “feels”. Some fans even come with a remote control with a dimmer attached, and you will be able to control the amount of light and air movement.

LED Lighting: Not a fan of compact florescent lighting? Now there is a new option available and that is LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. While they are more expensive than traditional lights and Compact Florescent Lights (CFL), these bulbs will far outlast both previously mentioned varieties of bulbs.  Instead of lasting years, they will last decades depending on the use. They consume less than 25% of the energy that of CFL’s and CFL’s use about 66% less energy than standard light bulbs, fitting right along with our green electrical services. Great savings, durability, and longevity make these the way we will be lighting in the future.

Security LightingIf you are considering installing security lighting, consider putting them on a photo cell (only comes on at night) or a motion sensor (only comes on at night and when it senses motion). These options can significantly reduce the amount of power that a person uses because neither of them are left on during the day.

Outlet and Switch Gaskets: As small of an act as it may seem, simply installing gaskets around all of your switches and outlets that face exterior walls can dramatically reduce the drafts that may be coming in through the “holes” in the walls