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Eco-Friendly Power Options:

You love saving money, right? It’s safe to say just about everyone does. A nickel here and a quarter there don’t seem like much, but over time they add up quickly. At EcoElectric we specialize in green electricity which can save you money. One of the most common forms of green electricity is solar power. Did you know there are other options besides solar power for conserving energy and going green? Check out these awesome alternatives which can often be less expensive.

  • Hydroelectric: If you’ve seen the huge dams up at Lucky Peak and around the valley you’ve seen hydroelectricity being formed. The water runs through the dam’s turbines to create energy. According to Daily Finance this source of energy costs about 9 cents per KWH, cheaper than your ordinary solar panels.
  • Wind Power: By using windmills you can create cheap and eco-friendly energy. Windmills can create energy that costs around 10 cents per KWH. Large “wind farms” are popping up all over in an effort to become more eco-friendly.
  • Geothermal Energy: This type of energy is energy that comes straight from the earth. By using a geothermal pump you can tap into the source and heat or cool a building.
  • Coal: Although controversial, coal burning is an alternative energy. For coal to be used as energy it must be burned in high tech plants that are able to remove all the pollutants. Once the pollutants have been removed, the coal is referred to as “clean coal”.

While not all of these options are extremely feasible for at home energy conservation, consumers still have other options. If you’re curious about how your home can become more energy efficient, or need help installing an energy efficient option, EcoElectric is here to help you!


Energy Efficient Systems:

It’s easy to save money and become energy efficient by changing simple things inside your own home. You could start being more energy efficient right this moment if you wanted to! One of the best ways to start making a change is by taking a look at your “plug load”. Look at see what is plugged in to one electrical outlet. A plug load is determined by all the appliances and smaller electrical items used in a building. It’s best to unplug any items you can while they are not in use (i.e. computers, alarm clocks, coffee pots, etc.). This will result in a lighter energy plug load and also money savings.

Photovoltaics is another great way to reuse energy. Photovoltaics is an onsite energy recovery system. A PV will convert solar radiation into energy right on the site. Energy recovery systems will take the heat from one machine and turn it into useable energy to cool another system, these are extremely useful.

Another way to harvest energy from other sources is a wind turbine. When using a wind turbine you are reducing the use of conventional energy and saving money. Wind turbines will run all day and night to collect wind to transform into energy.

Remember EcoElectric is here for all your eco-friendly or conventional electrician needs. Contact EcoElectric today!


Green Housing:

While we try to make the items inside our homes as “green” as possible, there is a lot we can do to the outside of our homes to improve the environment too. The way you build your house, the materials used to create the structure, and the items used as décor can be recycled items and all come into play when it’s time to make the green friendly change. The following are just a few ways to transform your home into a green environment.

  • When thinking about building or replacing your roof take a minute to think about using recycled material. One of most popular recycled roofing material is a metal roof. The material is strong, durable and light. The cost of metal roofing is making it appealing to many consumers.
  • A green roof is also a great eco-friendly option. Perhaps you’ve seen the houses with gardens and lawns on their roofs. These houses are implementing a green roof system. A green roof can expand the life time of a roof. The idea of a green roof is simple and, yes watering needs to happen, but when it rains your roof will collect the rain, allowing it to water itself. Energy costs can be reduced and your roof will naturally cool down your home.
  • Roofs aren’t the only place grass can grow on a building. Many people have started with green walls as well. Green walls can provide cooler homes, money savings, aesthetics, building protection and much more!

EcoElectric specializes in many residential and commercial jobs. We are here to provide you with green electrician services, remodels, electrical safety inspections, and electricity for exterior upgrades like landscaping and water features. Whatever your eco-friendly need is we can help, just give us a call!


Security Lighting Options:

For many people their house is their “safe zone”. Take the time to make your home feel safe and comforting for not only yourself but your family as well. One of the best ways to ensure safety for anyone who enters your home is by installing outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting will not only provide security, but if done properly can enhance the appearance of your home. If you haven’t considered installing outdoor lighting, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Lighting will illuminate your yard. If you are away from your home, everyone will be able to see your yard and anyone creeping around it, preventing thefts and damages. Your yard will also be lit up to show off the beauty of your house during the night hours. This is especially helpful if your house is on the market as people will be able to see your house at all hours of the day.
  • Motion lights are also a great idea. These lights will activate when motion is detected by the sensor. Not only do these lights act as a security feature, they are also energy efficient. As a security feature, areas will light up as soon as someone walks by the light. This can also warn you if an unexpected guest is wandering around outside your home. They conserve energy since they only go into action when they are needed, saving you money in the long run.
  • If lighting is on inside the house or outside the house it will give the appearance that someone is home. Most burglars don’t want to be snooping around a house when someone is home.
  • Outdoor lighting can be great decoration for any house. If placed properly you can light up sidewalks, lawn décor and add accents to the house.

If you’re thinking about installing security lighting to your home give EcoElectric a call today! We’ll answer any questions you have and help with installation while saving you money and providing eco-friendly lighting options.


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