May, 2016

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Wind Power and Water Conservation

Converting partially to wind power for energy needs could help the drought situation in the United States. If a third of the nation’s electricity came from wind power by 2050, it would save about 260 billion gallons of water a year.

It could also help save large amounts of money in climate-change related costs and health costs.  The extra wind power would decrease greenhouse gas emissions, saving $400 billion in climate change-related costs. Also, by eliminating smoke stacks and replacing them with wind turbines, it would cut $108 billion in pollution-related health care costs.

To reach the goal of 404 gigawatts generated in 48 states by their projected time of 2050, offshore wind power would need to expand. Currently, there is no offshore wind power, and to reach the goal, there would need to be 86 gigawatts generated by offshore wind power.

Not only would getting 35 percent of their energy from wind power help cut greenhouse gas emissions and save on electricity, it could help drought stricken regions. Alternative power sources have many other benefits besides being energy efficient.

Interested in going green at home or the office? Take a look at our tips for going green.

The Impact of Fluorescent Lighting

LEDs are sweeping the nation and beginning to replace fluorescent light bulbs because they use less energy, helping energy bills and the environment both. However, the environment isn’t the only thing this can have an impact on. It could help with a lot of people’s vision.
Fluorescent lighting is harsh on the eyes and can cause damage. These types of bulbs in an office or school setting along with staring at multiple electronic devices all day can really have an impact on a person’s eyes.
Research done in Australia showed that working in a building with these lights for 40 or more hours a week increases the risk of cataracts and pterygia in the eyes. This is because fluorescent bulbs that are cool or bright white emit UV radiation equal or stronger than the sun produces.
Using LED bulbs or natural lighting works the best in place of fluorescent bulbs. Natural lighting actually helps workers to stay more alert when working according to a study by a Swiss neuroscientist. People with less access to sunlight during the day were significantly sleepier in the evening.
To reduce the damage on eyes in the office, school or even home, get rid of fluorescent bulbs. It will provide a healthier environment all the way around. Eco Electric can help install new lighting in residential or commercial buildings.