April, 2016

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Home Energy Audits

Does the energy bill keep creeping higher? It might be time to do a home energy audit to find out where energy is being lost, causing that increase. By following the recommendations of auditors, the home can become more energy efficient.

Homeowners have two options when doing a home energy audit; they can do it themselves or hire a professional. Doing it oneself won’t be quite as thorough, but will still be beneficial.

Keep a checklist while walking around the house and inspecting for possible problem spots. The first thing to check for is air leaks or drafts. Homeowners could save five to thirty percent on their energy bill by reducing the drafts in their home.

Next up is the insulation. Lack of adequate insulation can cause dramatic heat loss in the home. In older homes, often the insulation isn’t enough and needs to be updated.

Make sure the air conditioner and furnace are working properly. Changing filters at least every three months is also beneficial. Getting the cooling and heat united inspected and cleaned annually can prevent many energy loss problems.

Lighting accounts for approximately 10 percent of the electric bill. Switching out bulbs for more energy efficient ones such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or led emitting diodes (LEDs).

Lastly, check appliances and electronics. If something is constantly plugged in that doesn’t need to be, consider unplugging it when it is not in use. This can help cut back on unnecessary energy use.

Ready for a professional opinion? Eco Electric can also help by doing a home electrical evaluation where we’ll inspect the electrical system and offer suggestions on making the home more energy efficient.